More often than not, we encounter life changing situations that we are never prepared to face but how we embrace and tackle them depends on our strength and willingness to fight.

It is human nature, to have the urge of wanting to win in whatever tough or challenging situation we may find our self in, no matter the circumstances.

Meet Nikhil Sachania, a Paraplegic Safari Rally Driver who has proved time and again that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and has driven past obstacles, crossing borders and fulfilling his potential.

Nikhil had a life changing accident 10 years ago, that affected his mobility but that did not stop him from gracing top world events in the Rally Championships all over the World.

Nikhil made his professional racing debut in Eldama Ravine back in 2014, a decision he has not regretted, because of the following years of success he has had in the tracks, all proving to be worth the fight.

The Current Division 1 Kenya National Rally Championship champion, was voted Motorsport Personality of the Year in 2014 and has dominated the Special Purpose Vehicle class, winning it thrice in 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Nikhil was feted after the FIA created the Disability and Accessibility Commission to ensure accessible racing and motoring across both the Sport and Mobility pillars.

This was after Nikhil was issued with a certificate of adaptation for his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. The vehicle, modified with the accelerator and the brakes fitted with hydraulics attached at the steering wheel.

The adjustment made by the Disability and Accessibility Commission, paved way for Nikhil to be the first driver with disability to take part in a Safari World Rally championship held in June this year, making a return to Kenya after almost two decades.

Nikhil took the challenge to the core, finishing 21st Overall after an impressive performance that set up more global arenas for the skilled driver.

He went on to participate in other rally championships most recent being in Tanzania where he finished 7th in the Africa Rally Championship and 9th overall in the National class.

Nikhil is hoping to scale even more heights, with the help of his co-rally driver Deep Patel, as they have maneuvered together through the corridors of the Rally World.


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