Do you ever think about it?

You know, Your life!

As this bubble of infinite intelligence,

Blown from the very lips of an artist,

Floating amidst nothingness, 

When you see through the smoke,

The impossible itself is but a module  boiling,

Within this vast field of WHAT IS.

WHAT IS, is what is what is alive, is what is YOU.

See everything is possible if you Believe!

When I woke up today,

I decided to Believe

And indeed she came in all purple and white colors!

A lady with a heart that loves a stranger a little bit more,

Her eyes a portal into the world of vulnerability and acceptance,

Her ears the ever big shieve where my shadow is shielded from the blowing missiles of shame, rejection, and abandonment!

Her hands were built to care for the disabled 

Where the blind can finally see! Such awe!

The deaf can  also hear 

It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle!

And all she needs to do is make them Believe

Believe that they are IT! They are the moment!

She is open to all, Believe and the fog will clear! 

You will see her in broad daylight parading!

With her essence waiting to be poured unto you 

Yours could be a Naila or Mercy,

Celestine quite the IT, was mine!

So today I learned, 

Do GOOD unto others 

And experience how GOOD that makes you feel!

Everybody is a mirror

Where you can only look through

And see your reflection 

By Mary Nyokabi



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