Cases of Cybercrime Increased by 60 Percent Between October and December 2020


The rate of cyber-crime in the country increased by 60 percent from 35,173,937 cases to 56,206,097 cases in Quarter 2 of the 2020/2021 Financial Year, between October and December 2020.

A report from the Communications Authority attributes the increase to the systematic resumption of operations in sectors that had become dormant during the lockdown period last year.

The report highlights an overview of trends and performance of various arms in the ICT sector including internet services, mobile telephony, fixed telephony and frequency spectrum management.

Common types of threats detected in the period included web application attacks, Malware, DDOS/Botnet and system vulnerabilities.

The report showed a decline in response to the threats. National KE-CIRT/CC issued 21,513 advisories down from 21,728 advisories issued in the quarter before that. Investigation-related requests declined by 36.7 percent to 224 compared to 354 requests in the previos quarter.

National KE-CIRT/CC’s efforts in creating cyber awareness crime were attributed to the decline of investigation-related requests including  impersonation, online fraud, online abuse (incitement and Cyberbullying) and child abuse cases.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s Child Protection Unit also played a big role in ensuring the decrease of child abuse cases.


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