Artists With Disabilities Take Centre State At The Artscape Artsability Festival


The ArtsAbility Festival celebrates the abilities of artists with disabilities. The festival seeks to instigate an innovative, creative space of exciting, heartfelt performances for persons with disabilities. 

It begins on 28 November and brings to the stage an array of breath-taking art pieces during National Disability Rights Awareness Month wrapping up on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December. 

With an aim of addressing the issues that persons with disabilities face, the Artsability uses different arts to drive social transformations. The festival also intends to highlight the importance of accessibility and integration into the various arts as it continues to celebrate the uniqueness that the artists showcase.

With the theme; ‘Disability, Dance and Diversity’, Artscape together with the Unmute Dance Company have partnered with Diversity in Dance UK and Sensorium EX among other guest productions to bring better performances for audiences.

In accordance with a research report titled ‘Creating Inclusive Performing Arts Practices for Development of youth with disabilities : A critical ethnographic study, headed by Marlene le Roux, exposure to the performing arts practices provides important skills and social opportunities for the youth with disabilities.

 “It is up to the keepers of the performing arts. Those in administration and management to realign the Performing Arts in a way that can best benefit everyone, “part of the report states.

Additionally, the report explored how youth with disabilities exposed to theatre performances were influenced by becoming aware of possibilities for social and economic inclusion.




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