Apple Unveils Four New iPhone 12 Models Featuring 4K Screen, 5G Capabilities and More


Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 12 this evening after pushing the event from its usual September announcement. Dubbed Hi, Speed, the virtual event featured details of the much anticipated iPhone.

The most prominent feature of the iPhone 12 isits5G capabilities which seemingly inspired the event’s tagline. Just like iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 features a 6.1 inch display with an all new OLED screen. The phone also has flat aluminum sides for a polished look closely resembling the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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Apple says that the water resistant OLED screen is also fitted with aceramic shield for improved durability. The phone runs on Apple’s latest A14 Bionic processor. The company says that the processor is up to 50 percent faster than the best chips in Android smartphones.

Apple also announced the iPhone 12’s 5G capabilities, noting that the iPhone mini is the smallest 5G phone. The phone is designed to preserve battery life by switching on “smart data mode” which uses LTE when you are not using 5G. The company said it had tested the iPhone’s 5G performance with 100 carriers in 30 countries.

The iPhone features 12 MP main camera with the fastest aperture in any iPhone. Night mode is also available on all cameras with improved low-light performance.

Apple is also inching towards wireless charging for the phone with the new “Magsafe” system. The gadget has built in magnets that support other magsafe accessories. This means that chargers, the iPhone casing and other accessories attach on the iPhone 12 magnetically. The iPhone 12 comes with a dual wireless charger that uses the magsafe technique.

iPhone 12 will be available from November 6th. The above are general features cutting across the different models. Each phone comes with a more specific set of features.


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