Apple to Expand Independent Repair Program Globally


Apple is expanding its repair program to 200 countries including Kenya and other African countries. The company has been quite strict on who can repair its devices. However, due to a strong presence in the global market, the tech giant is now expanding the program to even more technicians.

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program, which was launched in 2019, is now expanding to more than 200 countries. The massive expansion is set to cover all countries where the devices are sold. To qualify, technicians will be expected to apply.

The program will offer free training and the technicians will be issued certification to diagnose and repair apple products upon completion. The program will bridge the gap between small repair shops and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs)

As opposed to accessing repair services from Apple store locations whose fees go up with the release of every new iPhone, independent repair providers are expected to be more affordable.

The program is rolling out to countries in Asia and South America later this week, and at a later undisclosed date to Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe,Morocco, Mauritius, Eritrea Togo and a host of other countries across the globe.


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