An Online Job Platform for Persons with Disabilities


Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges in the developing countries.

It is said that education is the key to success; this however is becoming a cliché in most developing countries.

Inequality in distribution of resources, corruption and nepotism act as some of the biggest hindrances in securing a job.

Some countries in Africa have started to show the way on the war against corruption,

Recently a chief of staff in the office of the president in Rwanda was sentenced to 20 years in jail for embezzlement of public funds, a Somali court sentenced the minister of health along other officials 18years in jail over covid-19 funds proving the fight against graft.

In Kenya the wheel on corruption has also picked pace, governors who have been linked with graft cases some have been impeached by the county assemblies and charged in the court of law.

The corruption vices create a disparity in the job opportunities for persons with disabilities.

However, on a brighter side deliberate efforts are being put in place to ensure employment of PWDs, companies like Safaricom and Signs TV have been able to showcase the potential by employing them.

In the US,  an application  called ‘RecruitABLE’ has been created by two students aiming to combat the obstacles by offering employers a place to post jobs that candidate with a disabilities can thrive in.

On RecruitABLE, users will be able to create a profile similar to those on LinkedIn, except featuring more interactive content like automated video interviews, photos and video of the candidate working and curated questions that reveal the candidate’s strengths, interests and personality.

The platform is going to improve the efficiency and improve the ability to locate jobs for persons with disabilities, but also hopefully help employers find them, as well.

By Silas Abbas


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