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Entertainment Updated: 14 April 2023 11:17 EAT 326 Views | ~ 1 minute

AI Has Gone Too Far With Music

ai-has-gone-too-far-with-music Image

The growing advancements in artificial intelligence have given countless people the nightmare of losing their jobs to “robots”. Musicians and artists have now joined that group of people.

The world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group, is asking major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to block artificial intelligence companies from using its music to “train” their technology, according to a recent report in Financial Times.

This comes after numerous videos have gone viral on Tiktok of various mainstream songs sung by different artists with the help of artificial intelligence; bringing up a whole new issue in copyright laws.

UMG spokesperson said they have a moral and commercial obligation to their artists to prevent unauthorized use of their music and to stop platforms from consuming content that violates the rights of artists.

Others disagree with this stance and claim this to be a new way of making music. It also makes it possible for dead artists' voices to be recreated. This could end careers and completely change an industry that has thrived on people’s given talents.

Music is not the only industry facing the AI-caused problem. A group of visual artists has taken to the high court to file a class action lawsuit over the use of copyrighted images to train these AI platforms.

Getty Images, a leading provider of stock images and editorial photography have filed a case already, accusing them of scraping their database.

It poses a moral and ethical question of whether AI should be allowed to go this far.



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