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Matters Disability Updated: 20 October 2021 14:11 EAT 327 Views | ~ 1 minute

Advanced Computer Mouse For Persons With Disabilities

As covid -19 continues hitting the world. Education is one of the areas that have been greatly affected. Physical education has been stopped in many countries as a way of stopping the wide spread of the disease. Hopes on getting a vaccine to the deadly virus is not yet clear as the medical scientists are working tirelessly to find one.

However, most countries are finding ways on how to live positively with the virus. For instance, in Kenya schools and business were partially re-opened.
Education in many countries remains paralyzed, making online education the way to go for many students. Although the online education is helping and keeping students on toes with the academic syllabus, still there are many obstacles that come along. Technology literacy is one of the hinderance for a swift online learning. Student who cannot be able to use
electronics are left behind.

Internet accessibility makes many students lack on the online content since some of them live in areas that are out of rich. Internet is also expensive for some parents to afford making it a matter of ‘’Haves and have notes’’ in terms of financial constringes. Children with disabilities also face the wrath of technology and online learning. For example, children in the autism spectrum, require physical therapy and practical teaching. These
students cannot use computer mouse and concentrate well.

In the US, a computer mouse designed for children with disabilities has been made. The Mouse caters for children who have a problem with using the normal computer mouse especially those in the autism spectrum.
The Hoglet — which takes its name from its resemblance to a baby hedgehog — is specially designed with elements from a fidget toy to increase focus for those with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

The multi-sensory fidget mouse is covered in a silicon body with nubs all around it that help children grip the device. The Hoglet is wireless and minimizes clicking sounds as to not irritate those with autism spectrum disorder. Children who use a fidget device have an increase in concentration, are not as restless, and more likely to complete therapeutic and educational tasks, according to a study.

Lynch, the creator of the mouse says that, what made him come up with the device is the experience he had after landing his first job to teach in a special school. Lynch noticed a student carried a fidget toy around the school, and when the boy wasn’t allowed to have the fidget toy in the computer lab, he was not focused. Lynch took it upon himself to bring the student a fidget toy in the computer lab and saw the student concentrated during the entire assignment while using it. Lynch and Hedgehog Health are working on a removable and washable cover for the Hoglet as well as another mouse that will stimulate all five senses.

By Silas Abbas

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