Abagusii Culture And Development Council Condemn Moral Decadency


An elders council in Kisii county has expressed concern over current moral decadency in the local community and called for interrogation of the cultural life.

The Abagusii Culture and Development Council condemned anti social acts being perpetrated citing lynching of suspected sorcerers, defilement, suicide and teenage pregnancy cases.

Speaking in Kisii town, the elders condemned the acts saying they went against the community’s deeply ingrained norms and values vowing to employ all means to curb the trend.

They singled out the gouging of three years old, Master Sagini’s eyes in Marani Sub County warning that such acts were unheard of.

The national chairman,Matundura Araka decried public executions of the elderly on suspicion they were witches  while the girl-child was subjected to defilement by  people supposed to protect them.

Suicide cases some linked to stress and teenage pregnancies among school girls, he remarked,  were on the increase. No statistics were given.

Matundura disclosed underway a multi-prong strategy    to engage   people at the grassroot in  tackling the phenomenon.

Interim secretary,Omwansa Tai, read the resolutions including enlisting of the media,use of the county culture  office and the church to impart family life  education on the young generation.

On the wrangles raging at the gubernatorial offices in  Kisii  and Nyamira counties ,the elders resolved that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms were sought.



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