A Ballerina Girl who uses her Eyes and Feet to coordinate her Dance Moves.


Ballerina Girl

You are so lovely

With you standing there

I’m so aware

If you relate to these lyrics by Lionel Ritchie, you can tell the magic brought by a ballerina girl. If you do not relate, then let me tell you a story of Vitória Bueno a ballerina dancer. Bueno was born without arms, in a small town in rural Brazil and her disability became a social curiosity to many. According to her mother, curious people used to line up at her house to stare at her, where some would call her cursed while others lifted the sleeves to fully confirm.

Despite her newborn challenges Bueno who is now 16years focused on her assemblés, pirouettes among other techniques such as jazz and tap as well. Currently, she regularly attends the ballet academy in her hometown at the state of Minas Gerais, where her talent has made her a social media star and an inspiration to many. It is worth noting that Bueno started ballet upon a piece of advice from her physiotherapist She started ballet on the advice of her physiotherapist, who noticed the young Bueno would arrive dancing.

Moreover, Bueno describes arms as a detail of beauty but not a necessity since she does every chore such as brushing her teeth, picking items off the supermarket shelf with her feet that a person with arms does. When dancing, she follows with her eyes as if her arms were still intact, as she glides across the wooden stage along with her colleagues. Watching her dancing and how she has mastered her art makes you forget she practices her art without arms, where she notes that she does not feel like she needs her arms anyway.

Besides, Bueno believes that people are more than their disabilities as a result, they should chase their dreams.


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