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Entertainment Updated: 08 June 2022 08:56 EAT 329 Views | ~ 1 minute


Does saving together or building as a couple break or build a relationship or is there some other underlying factors?

Let us face this head on; One Kenyan influencer stirred a conversation that did receive mixed reaction from the netizens.

According to @Dreymwangi, whoever wants to build a house should do so out of their own volition and not at the expense of someone else's money.

“Usiwahi changa pesa na your spouse ati mnajenga nyumba, build your own house with your own money akitaka pia ajenge yake, or else ile siku you'll seperate ndio utajua why Eve used to talk to the snake.” Drey twitted.

The above statement did raise a lot of question, conclusions and agreement with majority asking the reason as to why people get into marriage with the being separation in mind.



Develop empathy and really listen to each other

Good communication starts with a desire to understand other points of view without being defensive. Most arguments get out of way because generally no one is listening to the other or even trying to understand.

Don’t expect your partner to complete you!

Most relationship break because we often get the idea that the other person will complete us in areas where are fully not. One should always complete themselves as they are to reduce the many straining expectation for the others to meet.

Appreciate the little things.

Effort is often confused to be the big moves, cars, mansions and investment while in the real sense it should be the little efforts like someone’s presence, time and checkup, even the daily morning greeting and moments one would ensure you experience.

From managing the little the big will never be an issue, am sure now you know how he/she will react if she gets the big.

Understand how you both express your love

Some people express their love for others through lots of hugs and physical affection. Other people might show their love through action and small gestures. Others might surprise their significant other half with event tickets, meals and other romantic gestures. The question you should ask yourself is what your partner appreciates.

Learn to forgive!!!

What is your take on today marriages?

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