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Entertainment Updated: 30 May 2022 09:10 EAT 434 Views | ~ 1 minute


In what instances has money corrupted your mind?

It hit me because that is not why I was doing art and the more the money the less you enjoy it because you try to fit it into your art and what it most likely does is that it takes away the artistic value and humour,” the comedian opened up.

Kenyan comedian Erastus Ochieng alias Flaqo has revealed that in the last two years has made over Sh20 million during a black and white interview on how he has handled fame, money and art.

Speaking in a candid interview over the weekend, Flaqo who does comedy on family set up that have gone viral of his artistic imitation said that, at his peak, he landed so many endorsements which he also appreciated for having benefited people many of whom he didn’t know with Jobs.

Flaqo wa ' Mama Otis'

That is the mindset I had but I started losing it when the millions started coming. Money can really corrupt your heart,” he stated.

He also explained why he did take some time form social media; he disclosed that sometimes he would hear voices of very nasty disturbing comments from his fans and despite brushing them of, he was torn down.

Flaqo during the interview also reported of making around 20 million during the Covid-19 period. He also spoke of having prioritized his mental health during the period he stepped back from the limelight as a way or maintaining the reason as to why he started working on art.

Flaqo is now back again with a new show titled Saturday Dosage which he will release every Saturday on his YouTube channel.

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