25 Year Old Wheelchair User Beats Odds To Become The Youngest Congress Member


Madison Cawathorn was born in 1995 in Asheville, North Carolina. A Son to Priscilla and Roger

Cawathorn. Madison homeschooled in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Cawathorn political journey started in 2014 when US Represantive, Mark Meadows nominated him to

United States NAVAL ACADEMY though his application was rejected because of an accident he had

which made him partially paralyesed.

At the age of 18 years,he joined PATRICK HENRY COLLAGE where he studied political science but

dropped after a series of bad results which according to him, were caused by the injuries he acquired

from the accident he had, making his ability to learn well impossible.

In 2020 he joined the race of being a congress member for North Carolina Republican which he was

contesting against Repliblicans Lynda Bennette who was Trump preferred candidate.Cawthorn who

recently turned 25 in August, meeting the minimum age to run for an office in the house, will be the first

person born in the 1990s to be elected to Congress and will join just over two dozen millennial serving in

the federal legislature.

United States experienced one of the toughest elections ever. The race between the incumbent

president Donald Trump and Joe Biden has seen divided America. Senator Joe Biden won the elections

in a land slide. On the other hand, Donald trump has refused to concede terming the elections unfair and


In 2016, Trump became the first Republican presidential nominee to win Pennsylvania since

1988, overcoming a deficit in the polls leading up to Election Day. This year, the race was

remarkably steady, with Trump trailing Biden in virtually every poll for months.

Biden pulled ahead in the vote count in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes,

on Friday morning as counties processed ballots cast by mail. Far more registered

Democrats than Republicans used mail ballots to vote in Pennsylvania this year.

As Joe Biden government is expected to come to power in January, it will be history

made as America is going to have a lady as first vice president. Harris Kamala who has

spent her life crashing through glass ceilings and accumulating ‘’firsts’’. She was the first

female district attorney of San Francisco, the first female attorney general of California, the first

Indian American in the US Senate, and the first Indian American candidate of a major party to

run for vice-president. Soon she will become the first female vice-president. If Joe Biden only

serves one term, as expected, there is a chance that in 2024 she could become the first black

female president.

Madison Cawathorn political victory journey has not been a wake in the park considering ‘’him’’

being on a wheelchair. During a speech at the Republican National Convention in August, Cawthorn

touched on his age and the 2014 car accident that left him partially paralyzed, among other topics.

His campaign had been dogged by allegations of racism, has positioned himself as highly conservative

on issues including abortion and racial justice.

BY Silas Abbas


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