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on demand sign language interpretation service offered by you 24/7 .

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Ishara House, Ridgeways Lane, Ridgeways

P.O Box 29500-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Call: +254 20 5202949

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My uncle went to the hospital yesterday, struggled and waited for a long time in the queue, hurting yes, worried yes. When it was finally his time to be checked, the doctor couldn’t understand him because he was using sign language. I can only imagine how many Deaf persons suffer the same treatment. I wish all professional doctors, lawyers, teacher, drivers, pilots friend and family knew me, my name is assistAll app!

I trust you now know the position of assistAll app as a sign language interpretation assistive technology; a Sign Language Interpretation assistive technology by use of an app with live video of interpreters breaching the gap the deaf persons with acquiring and offering services, to give a voice, and share their opinions without necessarily having a close friend but a phone.

assistAll app is here to salvage the unemployment, to enhance better service delivery for all inclusive of Persons with Disabilities and to complete one good great community.


assistAll app is here with a great target to enrich your corporate organization, which could be having one or more branches in which they serve their deaf customers. Therefore, they need assistance in delivering inclusive communication to Deaf Persons.

The app will also be able to connect sign language interpreters to customers and virtually provide short-term services bringing economic benefits of productivity and employment.

The app would assist professionals like doctors, lawyer and nurses etc. who provide services to Deaf Persons

Friends and family of the deaf person being the main intended users of the app in order to enjoy communicating at a lower cost as compared to them hiring a physically present SLI Friends or family of Deaf Persons.

Visit your play store and be an activist as we campaign for inclusion. Do it for your family and friends.

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