Truecaller Launches #ItsNotOK Campaign to Support Women Against Harassment through Phone Call, SMS


Caller Identification app Truecaller has launched a campaign dubbed #ItsNotOK aimed at supporting women against phone call and SMS harassment.

The Swedish tech company said the move is in line with its policies to safeguard the interests of women through community-based action.

According to the 2020 report Truecaller Insights: Understanding the Impact of Harassment Calls & SMS for Women in Kenya one in every five women have been on the receiving end of inappropriate and sexual calls. Out of 10, only 2 have initiated some action against the perpetrators.

Feedback from users showed that reporting to the authorities or law enforcers did not yield much results, with a dismal 6 percent chance of any action being taken.

Truecaller is taking its campaign to the outdoors using print media and billboards. The company’s objective is to get more women on the platform to report cases of harassment through phone calls and SMS to the authorities without fear. Truecaller has approximately one million female users signed up on the platform.


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