The Alchemist On Spot Again.


The Alchemist a popular club and restaurant in Nairobi, is yet again in the limelight after a video surfaced on the internet where Alchemist bouncers are seen “manhandling “ a woman on Sunday night.

The club located in Westlands was recently shut down by the Nairobi County government after allegations of discrimination by the bouncers on grounds of racism.

The video clip posted by a social media user saw Kenyans flock on the internet to rebuke the incident and even developed a hashtag #BoycottAlchemist. 

The Alchemist later apologized and claimed that the place welcomes people of all gender and race and that they do not support racism in any way.

Based on the previous video clip where a  man in the video is said to be racially discriminated as he tries to enter the club where a voice from the background says there is a “whites only line and black line.” Alchemist reached out to the man who “confirmed he had no issues, he didn’t even know that camera footage of him had been filmed and released.”

After the air was cleared, the club was re-opened back again at the beginning of the month and normal activities resumed . Once again the popular club is making headlines and Kenyans are not happy after they saw the video clip  that has been surfacing online.

The video shows an altercation between the woman and the bouncers as they try to restrain him, attempt to carry her, and finally leave her.

The cause of the incident is not clear. The lady who recorded the video clip says that after they noticed her recording they came up to her and demanded that she deletes the video from her phone.

BY Ivan Ombiru


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