RUTO: I know the system and deep state too well.


Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto has exuded confidence in the August polls claiming that it is impractical to rig him out. 

Speaking in Isiolo, DP Ruto claimed that he knows the deep state too well to be rigged out in the presidential election.

The deputy president William Ruto who once called out that there wasn’t anything like deep state and system has again claimed that he know the system to well to be rigged out.

He sentiments have been weighed by Kenyans online with the main concern being why they should vote if their is a system of leadership?

Ruto also went ahead to give account on the number of time he has defeated his opponent if not help aid win the election bring out in lime light the election 2007 where he was in ODM, 2013 and 2017 when he supported Uhuru for the presidency and is sure confident that he will be elected as the 5th president of Kenya with a majority of Kenyans.


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