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During a press conference on Tuesday, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission stated that Kenya’s national electoral violence index for 2022 is 53.43 percent, with 31 counties likely to have peaceful elections and 16 likely to be disrupted with claims of violence.

The briefing was based on a study conducted by the commission, which sought real-time status reports, conflict context, and environmental scans across Kenya’s 47 counties, which are still on going with 350 monitors across the country.

The commission did state 6 counties with violence likely to erupt, based on arising issues such as competition for scarce resources, arising gangs, ethnicity, and political divisions

Kenya counties.

The six counties include; Uasin Gishu, Mombasa, Kericho, Nakuru and Nairobi followed up with Nandi, Bomet, Narok and Lamu.

Majority of areas set to face issue with violence hugely likely to be impacted is the rift-valley region with the already noticeable division between the north and south then followed by Nyanza

The county with the lowest risk of poll-related violence is Embu.

To prevent violence, the (NCIC) National Cohesion and Integration Commission recommends multi-sectoral collaboration among agencies, democracy protection, inclusion and transparency, and sensitive reporting.

Meanwhile, the Registrar of Political Parties, Anne Nderitu, emphasized the importance of peaceful elections, stating that the ORPP is very strict about the implementation of the political party’s code of conduct.

The major matters of alarms and triggers leading the polls are; hate speech, incitement and refusal to accept polls.

Is the country safe as we get close to the election date?


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