Medics Raise Alarm Over High Covid 19 Positivity Rate in Siaya


Medics in Siaya County, have raised an alarm over the increasing positivity rate of Covid 19 infections, which is being driven by the Omicron variant.

According to the County Immunisation coordinator, Joshua Ondiege, the county has been recording as high as 50% positivity rate during its daily tests.

Speaking to the media at the county health department offices today, Ondiege said, health workers also have been hit by the variant leading to higher numbers.

“Omicron is taking a toll on our people. So many people, including health workers, were really affected in facilities like Yala sub-county hospital” said Ondiege.

The coordinator said that, more than 80% of those in the isolation wards were people who had not been vaccinated; adding that the number of deaths recorded as a result of Covid 19 is that of people who had not received the jabs.

“All the people who have died in the isolation wards are those who were yet to be vaccinated,” he said.

Ondiege described the high infection rate as a major challenge to health workers and urged Siaya residents to go for the jab to reduce the severity of the disease in case of an attack.


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