‘Kunglu kwangala’ Madaraka Day inclusion of Music and Arts.


What other better way of ensuring that the nation is happy and at peace amidst this tense time of politics than giving them the African-Kenyan made tunes. ‘Kunglu kwangala’

The 59th Madaraka Day celebrations saw key government officials, political and religious leaders and foreign dignitaries grace the occasion at the newly launched Uhuru Gardens Monument and Museum.

Iyana performing at Madaraka day

President Uhuru Kenyatta led the celebrations which is also his last as the sitting president of the Republic of Kenya.

Being Uhuru’s last National Celebrations in office, the KDF went all out to display their military paraphernalia as a way of bidding farewell to the head of State.

“Kunglu kwangla” the famous musician, the hit maker with his famous song ‘Pombe’ and ‘Furaha’ Iyana, Trio Mio the ‘sipangwingwi’ move master and Femi one did grace the occasion by performing hand in hand with other cultural artist from different communities to mark on good nation.

Most netizens have flooded the internet to congratulate the Dj of the mix and work he did make sure most Kenyans communities were involved in the Madaraka day Celebration.

The President is exiting the office after the August 9 polls.


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