“The last time we spoke was on Saturday, June 11 when he called me saying his phone was off and he wanted Kshs 70, which I did not have,” the mother told the press.

According to Obegi’s mother, Beatrice Nyanchama, he had asked her for a small amount of money days before going missing, but she did not have it.

Should i read Obegi’s eulogy for you or you can already see the line, its starts “he was born, went to school…..” you know the rest and which should make us think twice of whether we know our friends and children well.

“As you can see, we have nothing here. Even bringing his body here from the city mortuary in Nairobi was not easy for us. I am actually asking anyone who has access to the money he is alleged to own to also bring it to us so that we can use it for his burial,” Obegi’s father said.

The above statement should everyone, the parents, you who thinks your suitor is capable because of what they post instead of actually digging deep, and me who is pressured with the kind of life my friends are posting in lavish and not being clear how they got such good paying job.

Frank Obegi a student from Multimedia University and a twitter influencer, who lived in the posh live every youth yearns for today appears to having been coning people money with imaginary business yet lying to the parents that he sells tickets. What worries more that even with the great life he still asked for little money from the parents who had nothing at all as the mother tells.

Police are still investigating the cause of the brutal death with victims of the four friend activities opening up of being conned over Kshs 100,000.

Netizens went online to share the grief of the parents as some celebrated what many termed Karma’s work.

Do you think this generation are living genuine live as what they post and should we be concerned?


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