I Use Braille to Read News – Visually Impaired TV Presenter Shares Fascinating Career Journey


Outstanding news anchor Christopher Mwololo found himself compelled to pursue a course that didn’t align with his true interests due to his Visual Impairment.

In an exclusive interview with Signs TV, he recalled his resolute desire to enter the media field from a young age, despite facing numerous obstacles along the way.

“I always aspired to become a TV presenter, and I held onto that belief. I knew that I could achieve my dream even in the face of societal discouragement,” he shared.

Mwololo persisted through diligence and hard work, yet circumstances left him with no alternative but to embark on a teaching course.

“Because I was diligent and had a strong thirst for education, my parents advised me to pursue teaching as it held the promise of a job in my condition. They believed the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) could potentially employ me despite my Visual Impairment.

I enrolled at Machakos Training College and commenced my studies, although I had a sense of contentment,” he added.

During his quest to realize his ambitions, the emerging journalist participated in the Uhai Festival, a competition event organized by Signs Media for individuals with disabilities. This is how he first encountered Signs TV and viewed it as an opportunity to fulfill his long-standing dream.

“I approached Signs TV and implored the manager to grant me a chance to be a news anchor with the aid of Braille.

I am grateful that the Managing Director recognized my determination and potential, extending an internship offer to me in February 2020. He even arranged media training and later appointed me as a permanent news presenter. He remains my hero,” he noted.

Currently serving as a news anchor at Signs TV, Mwololo hosts the “Zaqwetu” show every Saturday at 7:30 PM and also oversees the “Money Matters” segment every Thursday, along with “News Roundup” on Saturdays at 4 PM.

When questioned about his role model, Mwololo looked up to Citizen TV presenter, Sam Gituku. He encouraged fellow individuals with disabilities to chase their aspirations, dismissing naysayers, and emphasizing their inherent capability to achieve anything in life.

“It all starts with self-belief. The government should also intensify efforts for inclusivity across all sectors.

Apart from Signs TV, I’m unaware of any other media entity that accommodates individuals with disabilities as their on-screen figures. We need equal opportunities,” he concluded.


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