Clergy Averts Clash With Splinter Group


An Archbishop averted a clash between the faithful and a splinter group recommending established channels be invoked to determine the disputed ownership of the church.

Archbishop James Ombunde of the Church of God in East Africa Kenya, who was on a visit to the South Nyanza region played down an incident in which members of the splinter group locked up themselves in  the church building upon the arrival of his entourage.

The splinter group had taken up Nyamaroka church of God in Kamureri sub-location, Migori county shutting out their rivals.

Area assistant chief, Eddy Odhiambo, refused to allow the Archbishop’s team into the building claiming it was put up by his family.

Addressing the congregation within Nyamaroka primary school grounds, Ombunde clarified the church and school were registered under the church of God in East Africa Kenya.

He appealed to the members to be calm and assured them that the  head office will resolve the ownership stand-off.

Mzee Odira who donated the land and the primary school’s BOM chairman Jameson Miguna confirmed the church and the school were sponsored by the Church of God In East Africa Kenya.

Police officers had been deployed to maintain security.



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