National Stress Awareness Day


Stress can be a serious killer, both in an individual’s daily life and in their workplaces.

National stress awareness day is celebrated every first Wednesday of November. It is a sponsored event established in 1998 by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), which promotes knowledge about stress management, well-being, and performance that is recognized worldwide.

This day was created by Carole Spiers to raise awareness and help people recognize, manage and reduce stress in their lives.

The day was also set aside to understand the impact of stress and its effects and to put efforts into diminishing the damage that can result from stress.

Observing the stress awareness day can take different ways. Firstly, people can attend a National Stress Awareness Day event. With the ISMA noting that one day is not enough to create awareness, they have begun to hold events all week long, with 2020 being the first year that the Global summit event was held.

Humans experience stress in modern-day society, which poses risks to the body. Exercising regularly, taking breath exercises, and talking about one’s feelings would help manage stress.

Engaging in stress-relieving activities is also a way of observing this special day.

Today, people are urged to look out for themselves and others more. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to be aware of the impact of stress.

Failure to correctly handle stress can lead to serious health issues like high blood pressure and vulnerability to heart disease.

Stress can take over one’s body leading to irrational behaviors and thoughts. Thus, identifying a focus and knowing how to manage and respond appropriately is essential.

Be your brother’s keeper, and Together we can help reduce stress and its dire consequences!



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