How To Make New Year’s Resolutions as a Person With Disability


Setting New Year’s resolutions can leave you disappointed, but they can also push you to succeed if you embrace life’s everyday challenges.

Persons With Disabilities are always bombarded with advice each time of the year which are meant to make them feel less disabled and help them solve problems they encounter.

Personally, resolutions are needed to give one a feeling of progress and a sign of living life. The result, whether you fulfill these resolutions or not, is the same; active participation in the life, because if you achieve these resolutions, then you have worked at them, and if you don’t, then it means you got distracted by other goals or aspect of life. Either way, you are a winner. So here are a few tips Persons with disabilities can use when making new resolutions.

First of all, ensure you Stay healthy; Covid 19 is still in our midst, always protect yourself and the people close to you by following MOH guidelines, put on a mask, sanitize or wash your hands with soap and plenty of water, avoid crowds among other safety guidelines, and most importantly visit your doctor for regular checkups.

Secondly, take good care of yourself; this may be the most important resolution and, for many, the hardest to follow. These past two years have caused more anxiety and feelings of uncertainty than any other year in our lifetime. Still, there are many ways to deal with negative emotions like improving your hygiene, i.e., buying new clothes, putting on make-up for ladies, and doing what makes you feel comfortable in your own body. You can also avoid family and friends who are not supportive.

Thirdly, make sure you stay in touch with family, friends, and social groups, don’t isolate yourself as a Person with a Disability because it brings about depression and anxiety. Technology has made it easier for us to keep close. Many social platforms are available which allow people to communicate, for example, Facebook, WhatsApp, and zoom, register with organizations that deal with disability matters to heighten your exposure.

Lastly, check your finances; if you are working, it is time to reevaluate your finances and make adjustments; choose to live within a budget you can afford without straining.

In conclusion, resolutions are easier to make than keep, so do not commit yourself to a handful of solutions, be sure at some point you will step back, but it does not mean you should give up.


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