Abled Differently

Sylvia Masibo(photo by: Daily Nation)

Silvia Masibo 25 years, was born in Kiminini, Transnzoia County with one arm, she has endured stigma from people in her community who thought she was not suitable for any job because of her disability.

Silvia never gave up on her determinations and eventually accepted her condition which she did not choose to be born with.

She lost her parents at a very tender age hence raised by aunts and brothers, while growing up Sylvia dreamt of joining the security forces, the Kenya police, Kenya Defence forces among others.

Masibo explained to the Daily Nation that, after High school, she had nothing to do hence when NYS recruitment was announced she opted to apply and was selected to join the training.

On 2nd December, Sylvia was among the recruits who impressed the President during a pass-out parade, she said the training was not tough for her, she tried her best to prove to people that she was different.

Sylvia told the Daily nation that since she had a passion for joining the forces she gave it all attention during the practice.

NYS Deputy commander Nicholas Makokha told the Daily Nation that, they started recruiting Persons With Disabilities in 2014 which is in President Kenyatta’s agenda of providing equal opportunities to the youths.


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