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World Television Day

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World Television Day is observed on November 21st every year. Its purpose is to acknowledge how Tv plays a vital part in conveying different issues that affect people in our society.

On this day, individuals, organizations, and governments get to renew commitments to keep Tv media unbiased as we know that today, television is our daily source of entertainment and information. It also educates and keeps us updated about the world.

History of World Television Day

In 1927, 21-year-old Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented the first Tv set. Until he was 14 years old, Philo Taylor Farnsworth lived in a home with no electricity.

In high school, he came up with a project to capture moving images, transfer them into code and then move the images along radio waves to different devices.

Farnsworth’s system captured moving images using a beam of electrons (basically, a primitive camera). The first image ever transmitted by television was a simple line.

Tv then aired its first broadcast in 1928. In 1938 tv sets became fair market quality.

Televisions at that time were rare in homes as the price of one tv was a bit expensive. The most expensive set on the market at the time was $1,295.

In today’s dollars, that would be nearly $14,000. The number of Tv stations at that time went from 69 to 566.

World Television Day was officially announced by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1996 November 21.

Since then the day has gained popularity worldwide. This was also the day that the first world Tv forum was held and piloting media figures discussed the growing importance of Tv in changing our world.

UN leaders recognized that Tv could raise awareness of threats to peace and security and be a major tool in channeling and affecting the public’s opinion and influence.

World Television Day timeline

1927- First electronic television invented.

1928 -First aired Broadcast.

1980-Modern News Network.

1996- World Television Day coined.

There is no official theme for World Television Day 2022 but the main reason to observe the day is to appreciate and celebrate the invention of the Tv and to spread awareness about the day

How to observe World Television Day.

1) Head over to social media and share with others your favorite television moments.

2) Invite people over to enjoy a tv themed night.

3) Put on cozy clothes and binge watch favorite television episodes.


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