Vulnerable Persons with Disabilities in Nyamira County Receive Government Stipend

Vulnerable residents with disabilities in Nyamira county have shown their appreciation to the government for the stipend they received on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, meant to cushion them from the hostile impacts of COVID-19 disease.

The government aid came as a surprise to most of these individuals as some had tried unsuccessfully in the past. A section of the residents expressed their gratitude to the government for the assistance as they never expected such help. Here are a few cases:

Nyamaiya Division ACC, Paula Murambi addressing ressidents and administrators about the 8 point Economic stimulus programme.

Jeremiah Mong’are who is physically challenged while speaking to Kenya News Agency reporters said he was not expecting to receive the stipend because he had tried severally in the past with unsuccessful outcomes. He explained how hesitant he was when the assistant chief of Nyangoso sub location in Nyamira South Sub-County, asked for his phone details to receive the stipend. However, receiving the Ksh. 1000 stipend a few days later came as a pleasing surprise to him and his family because in previous occasions, vulnerable persons with disabilities had to scramble with able-bodied people for the limited resources provided by the government.  

Veronica Abuga a mother of six children three of whom are mentally challenged was another grateful beneficiary of the government stipend. She was so happy when George Morara her clan elder and the trustee she asked to receive the money on her behalf told her that the government had already sent her Ksh 1000. She explained that Coronavirus hit her family hard and she had been struggling to put food on the table which led her mentally challenged children to scavenge food leftovers in Nyamira town. With the stipend, she was at least able to purchase a decent meal for her family after a long time.

Additionally, there are some residents whose names were left out and are now calling upon the government to consider them for a such a similar stipend. One such case is of Nicholas Michieka a former vibrant farmer from Nyaigego village in Masaba North Sub-County who lost two of his legs after falling terminally ill. Micheka reported that before the cancer his farming business did well as he sold his produce in the entire Gusii region markets and beyond.

Mr. Nicholas Michieka seated outside his house. He has requests the government to enlist him for support.

He stated that both his legs were amputated due to cancer, while eight of his fingers chopped off because of diabetes. Moreover, his family spent all their resources to clear his medical expenses and this led them to poverty to an extent that he is currently unable to comfortably put food on the table. He therefore, requests the government to help him out and especially consider him for the government stipend.

While reading the President’s 8 point Economic Stimulus Programme on 29th May 2020, Nyamira Division Assistant County Commissioner Monica Kang’ethe advised the beneficiaries to use the little stipend on basic needs. She also encouraged the residents of Nyamira to follow the guidelines issued by the ministry of health to help in curbing spread of the coronavirus.

Nyamira Division ACC Monica Kang’ethe addressing administrators and residents in Nyamira to elaborate the President’s 8 point Economic stimulus programme.

Speaking in the same event, Nyamaiya Division Assistant County Commissioner Paula Murambi advised those who registered for the program and have not yet received the stipend to exercise a little patience as they will all eventually receive the cash.

By: Linzer Kibebe 

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