Take A Walk If You Have A Problem With Uhuru – Raila Tells Ruto

Former Prime minister and ODM party leader Raila Odinga has told deputy president William Ruto to take a walk if he has a problem with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, the DP should resign if dissatisfied with the runnings of government as his late father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did. “When Jaramogi disagreed with Kenyatta on the issues of land he wrote a letter that said he found it no longer tenable to remain in government and he resigned.

He had the courage and decency to say I am stepping aside because I don’t want to earn a salary and I’m doing nothing. So if you have a problem with your boss, take a walk! Get out of it!” he said. Addressing a delegation of Gikuyu and Luo elders, Raila said the “2018 handshake” between himself and the head of state will solve Kenya’s problems.

He did however note that opposition from the DP was hindering the realisation of the peace deal. “Uhuru (Kenyatta) has tried to live by what we agreed. But when Uhuru is pulling in this direction the other one is pulling in this opposition direction so he cannot be able to deliver what they promised the people of Kenya,” he continued.

Raila maintained that it was time to expand the “national cake” as is envisioned by the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). Hitting out at Ruto, the opposition leader said the former’s “Wheelbarrow Movement” was not the solution to what ails Kenya. “Ati unasaidia wakina mama, makanisa na vijana na wheelbarrows. Wheelbarrownomics will not solve Kenyan problems. You must address these issues properly,” he said. DP Ruto has been advised to leave the government for which he has served for eight years. Critics have said that the second in command started campaigning too early against his boss’s wishes.

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