State, County Partner To Revive Migori's Ailing Fish Farming

State, County Partner To Revive Migori's Ailing Fish Farming

The government has rolled out a joint initiative to boost a struggling aquaculture sector in Migori county. The partnership between the National and county government is aimed at improving fish production in the region by among others improving the efficiency of extension services.


The Fisheries and Aquaculture PS Francis Owino, while leading a team of experts in assessing the region’s fisheries status on Monday, said the State is determined to rid the sector of barriers discouraging more Kenyans to venture into aquaculture.


The PS, who was by the Migori County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich and several officials from the county government, said his Ministry will provide vehicles and motorcycles to extension officers to enable them to reach more farmers.


Speaking to journalists at Opapo's Rio fish plant in Rongo sub-county, Dr Owino said farmers who are recruited in the programme will be supplied with enough fingerlings by the county government.


“Another challenge facing fish farmers is the shortage of fish feeds. The fish feed is very expensive and constitutes 60-70 per cent of the total production and most farmers can’t afford it,” Dr Owino said, adding that they plan to negotiate for affordable prices with fish feed manufacturers.


The economic stimulus project, he said, would also include an intervention that will see farmers get better prices among them finding good markets within and outside the country


The PS urged all residents of Migori County to embrace fish farming as a business opportunity to promote livelihoods, especially now that the Opapo plant is operational.