President Donald Trump in Dissent over Election Defeat As Joe Biden Gears Up To Fight the Corona Virus Pandemic

Even with President Donald Trump still refusing to concede defeat, Democratic Party Candidate and President-elect Joe Biden will go ahead and launch an aggressive plan to control the COVID-19 pandemic that is rising at an alarming tempo and will define his administration as soon as he takes office.

On Sunday night, Biden and Harris released their first public schedule as “president-elect” and “vice president-elect”.

Joe Biden is due to meet with a 12-member advisory board to examine how best to tame a pandemic that has killed more than 237,000 Americans. He will give remarks in Wilmington, Delaware, about his plans for tackling the Corona virus pandemic and rebuilding the economy.

President-Elect Joe Biden has spent much of the campaign criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of the crises and has vowed to listen to scientists to guide his own approach.

His task force will be responsible for executing the promises he made on the campaign trail for tackling Covid-19, which include doubling the number of drive-through testing sites, establishing a US public health job corps to mobilize 100,000 Americans on contact tracing; and ramping up production of masks, face shields and other PPE.

Trump’s intransigence and unsurprising defiance of democracy threaten to add a constitutional crisis and a disrupted transition of power to the country’s problems as the Covid-19 crisis deepens and the economy languishes.

Trump’s overwhelming concern for his own priorities, not surprising for anyone who watched his presidency, is still remarkable given the rapid worsening of the pandemic. But the announcement will also reflect how, over the next 72 days, the new administration will be powerless to mitigate the course of the pandemic that will in many ways define Biden’s presidency and how Trump’s neglect will exacerbate the staggering challenges that Biden will face once inside the Oval Office.

A day after Biden was projected to win the election, Trump went on as if nothing had happened, playing his second round of golf of the weekend, and continuing to tweet false claims that the election was rigged.

The President has still not made the traditional call to the President-elect. Pence, who has been silent since Saturday, is yet to make contact with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and despite Donald Trump’s protestations. A new era is upon us following a result that has renewed hope for the United States and the world.

After four years of turmoil, misinformation, manipulation and division, a new president offers fresh promise for democracy, progress and for huge challenges like the climate emergency, Covid-19, inequality, and racial injustice.

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