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Tips PWDs Need To Overcome Mental Health Issues

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Persons with disabilities just like anybody else, have hopes and dreams to achieve, however, with the stress of their disabilities they become more susceptible to mental health issues.

Being a mental health awareness month, it is very important to help persons with disabilities access the care they need in terms of mental health.

Below are tips PWDs need to overcome mental health issues

-Talking to a doctor or a therapist or any health professional about your mental health needs.

-If you feel like you are being discriminated against, speak up. Talk to the doctor or mental health professional about your concerns and ask for a referral to another provider if necessary. You can also file a complaint with the office responsible for investigating complaints of discrimination in healthcare in your country or state.

-Educate yourself about your rights as a patient with a disability—this will help you in situations such as— being denied service, treated differently, or charged higher prices.

-Enlist the support of family, friends, or advocates to help you navigate the healthcare system and get the care you need.

Also as a country according to Alvarado Institute’s research, the below tips will direct policymakers in ensuring that people with disabilities receive the healthcare they need.

Passing laws and regulations that protect the rights of people with disabilities facing mental illness. Ensure that public and private health insurance plans provide coverage for mental health services for people with disabilities.

Increasing funding for research on disabilities and effective treatments. Provide incentives to healthcare providers to increase access to care for people with disabilities with mental illness.

Supporting initiatives to educate healthcare providers and the general public about the psychological needs of people with disabilities. Disseminate information about available resources and services.

As an individual who has no disability, you can also take action to support people with disabilities in your community by;

Educating yourself about the challenges people with disabilities face in accessing mental healthcare. Speak out against discrimination and mistreatment of people with disabilities who need mental help.

Providing support and assistance to people with disabilities in your community. Help them to navigate the mental healthcare system and get the care they need.

Volunteering with or donating to organizations that provide mental health services to people with disabilities. Spend time with people with disabilities to help them feel included and valued, or join a support group for people with disabilities where they can share their experiences and feel heard. 

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