Make-Up with COVID-19

The pandemic stroke the world affecting business and organisations of both governments and private ones

The current situation in Kenya people are diversely devastated with how to cope with the new normal in the country

Nga’nga how is known as Nga’sh is known guy who works in the make-ups industry which he say it has been affected broadly since no one is turning up for it.

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“Make-up is an art which is to transform a part of the body better than the way it is by either changing completely or not changing” this was told by him.

One of the rule of the pandemic states that one should have a social distance of 1.5m apart to minimise the rate of contractions within beings according to nganga this has affected him since he doesn’t know who is infected and who is not

Also with the pandemic the mask must be put on in the midst of the public this to has affected his business since the law of covid-19 is broken and he says that the people in that industry are in the high risk of contracting the virus

The former student of Thika Institute Of Certified Studies and Vera Graduate says that he has managed to start his own company and employ some people which he says with the current situation he has minimised the number by half

A full make up for ladies will cost at Ksh1500 and for men a full make up will cost Ksh1000 without a bargain.

By Ngigi Njogu

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