‘Machakos’ Country Bus Station To Be Demolished

‘Machakos’ Country Bus Station To Be Demolished

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has announced plans to demolish ‘Machakos’ Country Bus Station and in place construct a modern car park.

NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi said that in its place a storey parking bay will be constructed, that will be charged hourly.

“NMS has already initiated the process of developing underground parking at Sunken Park which will also happen at Machakos Bus Park. And all these underground parking areas will be digitally controlled,” he said.

“It will be affordable and once the motorists reach the parking lot, you will pay through mobile money, leave your car there and it will be parked for you in whichever floor of that building, ”Badi added.

The car park, which replaces Nairobi’s oldest bus station, will be among the automated car parks such as Desai Road, Sunken Car park (along Aga Khan walk) and Nairobi law court parking.

The project will be similar to a storey parking bay implemented by the Holy Family Basilica which has 536 parking slots. Previously the space could accommodate 120 cars.

NMS is also planning to convert on-street parking slots in Nairobi to non-motorised transport (NMT) corridors with pedestrian and cycling lanes in a bid to decongest the city.

As from July, motorists will start paying hourly parking fee within the Central Business District.