KQ Forced To Respond After Claims Of “Abandoning” Passengers At JFK Airport Since Sunday

KQ Forced To Respond After Claims Of “Abandoning” Passengers At JFK Airport Since Sunday

National carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) was on Friday forced to respond following claims of poor customer service after over 50 Kenyans were left stranded at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, USA, since Sunday, February 14.


Lanji Ouko Awori claimed, in a tweet on Thursday, that the airline had been cancelling flights from Sunday, with no communication to the passengers.


“Fly directly from Newyork with KQ at your own peril! Customer Service is non-existent, on day 3 arguing with a wall because there is no customer service,” Awori tweeted.


Awori claimed that the passengers’ Covid-19 certificates had expired hence frustrating efforts to switch flights.


Fly directly from New York with KQ at your own peril!!! Customer service is nonexistent. On day 3 arguing with the wall because where is customer service @KenyaAirways


— Lanji Ouko-Awori (@LanjiLanji0) February 18, 2021




In their response, KQ said its flight that had been scheduled for February 16 had been rescheduled “due to a technical hitch & snowstorm”.



However, the airline said, affected passengers were either “re-routed or accommodated until the next flight or -ve PCR test”.


Indeed, our flight on 16/02 was regrettably rescheduled due to a technical hitch & snowstorm. All our passengers were either re-routed or accommodated until the next flight or -ve PCR test. Kindly get in touch via DM if you still have concerns. We are sorry & committed to helping


— Kenya Airways (@KenyaAirways) February 18, 2021


Awori dismissed the airline’s claims as “lies” saying the flight was cancelled without any communication.

The developments come at a time, thousands of flights continue to be cancelled in the US over brutal winter storms.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport tweeted Monday morning that all of its scheduled flights had been cancelled due to “historic” weather that hit the area over the weekend.

The nation’s four largest airlines — American, United, Delta and Southwest — cancelled 2,220 flights on Wednesday, after cancelling 2,450 flights Tuesday.