INTEGRITY: The Armor To Defeating COVID 19 Disease

INTEGRITY: The Armor To Defeating COVID 19 Disease

The era of our forefathers was marked with good and healthy lives that forecasted a longer life expectancy. Life was rewarding with many dying of old age and not because of diseases. Diseases were minimal and even if they were there, they would simply treat them through certain behavior practices and others through smashing leaves of a certain herb and taking the extract. Thank God that some diseases can still be treated and managed through such practices. Nevertheless, times have changed and the need for change in peoples’ behaviours to assist in the management of the spread and impacts of certain diseases. The Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) is no exception and therefore requires such efforts in behaviour change.

In early march 2021, I took a journey from my rural County to Nairobi. I boarded a matatu for my journey. At the time of boarding this matatu, there was only one vacant seat which by implication, was mine. After boarding, the matatu conductor was heard and seen asking for more passengers to board the matatu after already having the required number of passengers to avoid close contacts with one another. A misguided passenger tried to squeeze himself to enter which adamantly, I refused. Thank God that I was seated by the entrance. I soon talked to the conductor against carrying more passengers than the required capacity who regrettably vowed to carry as many passengers as possible. He even vowed to forcefully evict me from the matatu. I said no. Within no time, the driver who saw the confrontation started the matatu and we started the journey. I did the right thing.

In the world over, people are accustomed in certain ways of carrying out their daily routine activities which sometimes may proof difficult to go against.But let us all remember that, the achievements we make in our lives often depend on our behavioral traits. These custom ways would either make or break us and therefore the need to make the right choices in life. When advice is given against doing something, it is always good to take heed to that particular advice.

Cases of Covid 19 disease were first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 but the first case was reported in Kenya in early March 2020 and a year over, the statistics have continued to grow and the rate of infections is alarming all over the world. Through scientific studies, this disease is spread via coughing, sneezing, touching surfacescontaminated with the virus, sharing of articles with infected people and not maintaining high levels of hygiene. How and why is it difficult to keep practicing the measures that have been given by the Government? These are just attributes to do with behaviour and the need for all of us to abide by the rules given by the Government to curb the spread of this disease.

To defeat this disease, we need one antidote and this antidote is integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing all the time even when no one is watching you. Some of us would hide to do things contrary to instructions. This is lack of integrity. When we are advised to wear face masks, maintain social distances, coughing or sneezing under the elbow and washing our hands with soap regularly and for at least 20 seconds, this is being done for our own good. Doing this is acting in the right direction. Adhering to these rules is tantamount to saving our country from this pandemic.

Let us hold our hands together to defeat COVID 19 disease by adhering to instructions and guidance given by the Government and health experts. When we do this, it doesn’t matter the time taken to be out of this pandemic but it shall be well with whoever will heed to these instructions. Please be safe and embrace integrity to defeat the COVID 19 pandemic. 

David Muli, Educator/IT Specialist