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How To Win Persons With Disabilities’ Votes

Elections in every country are meant to bring change and development .Every citizen has a

Constitutional right to vote and chose leaders who will represent their right’s and needs.

In Kenya, general elections are held after every 5years meaning a leader has the mention years to

prove his/her potential in regards to delivering as expected by the voters. Kenyan constitution

provides two terms for any elected leader, that means, after one is elected to office, they can run for

the second time to complete the ten years but if only voted for, the second time.

In the United States where they recently completed their general elections, their constitution

provides 4yqers before any general election is held. Here, a leader can also run for the second term

to complete 8 years.

As elections are meant to bring change, African countries have not been having fair elections

because elections injustices. Just to mention, corruption, tribalism, nepotism among others act as

pot holes to free and fair elections. The aftermath of unfair elections as witness in most countries is,

post elections violence which drains the countries economy and also claims a lot of innocent lives.

During political campaigns, the aspirants put more focus on normal people giving promises on how

they plan to deliver.

Inclusion in elections is a forgotten trail. Persons with disabilities are left out when it comes to

aspirants doing their manifesto.

Have you ever seen politicians campaigning with the help of sign language interpreter? Does it

mean the deaf don’t vote…?. During voting, the ballot papers do some have brails to fit the blind?

The country should go back to the drawing board and consider the issue of inclusion.

The big elephant in the room is, what do persons with disabilities want? Why should they vote for

you? Like other people, persons with disabilities have their need and wants.

Health care eligibility and affordability

Persons with disabilities require flexible, accommodative and easy access to health care

facilities. Rumps should be put in place for wheelchair users. Brails should be in every door

in a health care facility and the interpreters for the deaf community although thanks to

SIGNS MEDIA for inventing assitALL mobile application where a deaf person can find an

interpreter in the comfort of where they are through their phones.

 Long term care and support for living independently instead of in congregate


As any other person, doing things on your own brings some kind of peace of mind and

personal freedom. Persons with disabilities require to be living by their own. The society

sympathy should stop and replaced by opportunities for them.

Job opportunities for everyone who is ready and anxious to work

Employment remains the world’s biggest puzzle. For persons with disabilities, they face

double obstacle in terms of employment. Creating employment and seeing beyond

disability conditions will build a healthy economic country.

 More substantial and flexible benefits that truly lift disabled people out of

poverty instead of trapping them in it.

Poverty is directly compared to slavery. Persons with disabilities are the poorest people

because of their underlined different conditions. A solution to this, Sacco’s should be

created to support their daily hustles. Organizations and institutions should come with

ways to salvage the situations by improving their living standards.

 Meaningful, reliable and effective protection for disability rights

Human rights are the most import article in any countries constitution. The basic human

rights are: food, cloth and shelter. Every human being is entitled to this regardless. Persons

with disabilities are vulnerable in the society meaning they should be treated with dignity.

They enjoy extra rights that protect them from economic, human and social injustices.

This year in particular, confronting the many risks and hardships of Covid-19

that have landed disproportionately on disabled people.

This year seems to be the blackest year because of covid-19.Many businesses have since

shut down affecting different countries’ economies. Unfortunately persons with disabilities

are ones that have mostly been affected by the deadly unseen virus. Ways should be in

place to help them amid the pandemic to enable fight through.


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