Governor Nyong’o Suspends 12 Askaris Captured Dragging Woman on Tarmac

Governor Nyong’o Suspends 12 Askaris Captured Dragging Woman on Tarmac

12 county askaris who were captured dragging a woman behind a speeding pick-up truck yesterday have been suspended by Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

Through a statement, the governor stated that the officers involved in the incident are suspended with immediate effect until investigations are concluded.

The county boss further urged county officers to carry out their mandate while observing human rights to avoid an occurrence of the same.

“As investigations continue on this matter with the urgency it deserves, I have directed the City Manager to immediately suspend from duty all the officers who were involved in this incident with immediate effect,” he said.

In a video that caused an uproar on social media yesterday, 39-year-old Beatrice Atieno, a hawker was dragged behind a moving vehicle for reportedly breaking county rules.

Further reports revealed that after dragging the woman, she was taken to a police station and booked in, instead of being taken to the hospital.

In another video, the woman was seen offloading her goods from the pick-up, her clothes in tatters having sustained bruises on her arms.

County askaris have been criticized for harassing traders and using dubious means to settle grievances, a move that has had people call for government intervention.

Taking to Twitter, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) condemned the acts and called on the governor to identify the individuals and relevant punishment delivered.