Governor Lonyang’apuo Threatens To Sack County Employees Who Fail To Get COVID-19 Jab

Governor Lonyang’apuo Threatens To Sack County Employees Who Fail To Get COVID-19 Jab

West Pokot Governor, John Lonyang’apuo has threatened to fire county employees who will fail to take the Covid-19 jab.

The County boss stated that those who fail to take the jab will be setting a bad example to the residents in the county thus will be done away with.

Lonyang’apuo further reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks that the vaccine is safe adding that no government would allow its netizens to be injected with a vaccine that isn’t suitable for them.

“I will fire whoever refuses to take the vaccine because I don’t see why I should work with people who set a bad example to the people of West Pokot. They will be responsible if they fail to take the vaccines by July, and I will not give anyone their payslips. Should the opportunity to take the vaccine pass, they should not bother showing up,” the County boss said.

He added, “We have had so many vaccinations over the years, which have protected us throughout our lives. Any vaccine passed internationally, by the Kenyan government and the doctors is safe and sound.”

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced that persons over 58 years would also be prioritized in the first phase of the vaccination process due to a surge in covid-19 cases.

The Ministry further stated that 60% of covid-19 deaths consisted of the elderly hence the need to prioritize them in the vaccination exercise.

“In view of this surge of the pandemic and in order to protect and save lives, the Ministry of Health has decided to immediately prioritize vaccinations of persons aged 58 years and above. This group of persons will now be a priority target group under the ongoing phase 1 vaccination exercise,” Willis Akhwale, chairman of the Covid-19 vaccine Deployment Taskforce said in a statement.