Government Applauded For Consistency In Distribution of Sanitary Towels To Schools

Government Applauded For Consistency In Distribution of Sanitary Towels To Schools

An education official has lauded the National government for consistency in providing sanitary pads to primary school pupils, as the countrywide distribution of Year 2021 towels began.

Bungoma South sub-county Director of Education Sedion Ong’ijo said the county’s education office has already received their consignment and are distributed the sanitary towels to schools across the region.

"There are challenges but one thing I want to thank the government for is that they are consistent in distributing the pads and did not stop even during the Covid-19 break,” he said.

Ong'ijo said the pads are being distributed in all sub-counties depending on the population of the pupils. 

"We have received sanitary towels for public primary school children. The pads are being distributed now and this distribution is not only here but the whole country,” he said.

Some pupils, however, he added, end up sharing their pads with family members and friends who are not in school and cannot afford the towels.

He urged teachers to identify pupils who have a problem retaining their share at home and keep it for them in school.

Bungoma DEB school headteacher Olivia Abel, who is also in charge of the distribution, said the pads had helped retain the girl child in class.

She said the pads are given to girls in classes 5,6,7 and 8 starting with those from very poor backgrounds.

In 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law the Basic Education Amendment Act (2016) which places the responsibility of providing free, sufficient and quality sanitary towels on the government to reduce the number of girls missing school during their menstrual cycle.

The government has been providing sanitary towels to girls in public primary, special primary and secondary schools who have reached puberty.