Democrat Joe Biden Wins State of Arizona In Major Southwest Swing-State Victory

Democratic Presidential optimistic Joe Biden has clinched his first major swing state victory of the day, with the American Media declaring the winner from Arizona. The province has been wrested by him from Donald Trump, as voters in Arizona had gone the republican way in the 2016 election.

Arizona, a battleground state, witnessed intense electioneering during the last phase of campaign. The state was one of the keenly observed provinces by pollsters. In the early hours of the morning news agency Associated Press – which holds the record of calling the most accurate state-wise results – declared Biden as the winner.

As per the details released before the media, Biden had received 51.8 percent or 13,072,360 votes, as compared to Trump who was voted by 12,39,419 people, or roughly 46.8 percent of the electorate.

The victory in Arizona will be crucial in the race to White House, as the state accounts for 11 Electoral College votes. In 2016, it powered Trump’s victory as he clinched the battleground province by a margin 3.5 percent against then rival Hillary Clinton.

The country-wide forecast by US media so far shows Biden maintaining a slim lead with an Electoral College vote count of 238. Trump is trailing with 213 votes. The mail-in ballots, which were dispatched before the Election Day and are yet to be received by the polling stations.

President Donald Trump announced in his midnight media address that the Republicans would be moving the Supreme Court to “stop the counting of ballots received after the voting hours ended.

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